Roll Pass Design

The perfect fusion of art and technology that ensures flexibility, stability and quality in your rolling mill.

Roll Pass Design is a complex problem due to the large number of processing conditions involved. Our purpose is to ensure the correct production of roll profiles within the constraints of the mill complying with quality standards, minimum cost and maximum output.

Teksmithe's approach combines the application of sophisticated process models and computer aided simulations to achieve the optimum number of passes with the desired geometry, avoiding roll defects while maximizing the reduction in the cross section area per pass. This is normally achieved by considering the geometrical, mechanical, thermal, thermomechanical and metallurgical behaviours of the entire rolling system.

Roll pass design service and consultant

Our team of experts can deliver exactly what you need:

  • Flow charts
  • Detailed pass design and groove details
  • Power calculation through simulation (motor sizes, gear ratios, and rolling)
  • Set-up sheets
  • Pass schedules

What do we look for?

  • Rolling “flexibility”
  • Increase in overall life of rolls
  • Process stability
  • Reduced tolerances
  • No surface defects
  • Micro structure optimization
  • Minimum consumption of energy
  • Minimum internal stresses in finished product