Process Consulting

Unparalleled experience and steel process know-how.

Our process consulting service team helps producers achieve and maintain high standards in production excellence. Based on decades of experience in steel rolling mills worldwide, our specialists are skilled in proposing how to improve mill efficiency.

Rolling mill consultants

Teksmithe's process consulting services include:

  • On-site operations consulting for Small & Medium Section & merchant bar Mill.
  • Production assistance
  • Commissioning assistance
  • Full training packages
  • Custom design projects
  • Engineering consulting
  • Metallurgical support
  • Retainer packages for real time troubleshooting

By collaborating with Teksmithe steel solutions, steel producers can be assured of continual production excellence at their plants.

Operational Support and Improvements

Our technical team has a 100% focus on delivering operational support and improvements to long product rolling mills. Different from other suppliers, which fold customer service into other areas, this team is solely dedicated to making mills run better.

Our multi-disciplinary service team consisting of operations, mechanical and electrical experts offer:

  • Process optimization
  • Modern methods of process analysis
  • Custom equipment design
  • Small and medium sized upgrades
  • Customized solutions

Customer satisfaction requires having continual close customer contact. Our process consulting team has purposefully been structured as a small team to provide a more personalized service.