Teksmithe Steel Solutions was Established in year 2011, we provide the Equipment, Technology & Consultancy services to the Iron & Steel Industries all over the world. our organisation have the team members, highly experienced in the field of Iron & Steel Industries, from the year of our establishment we have commissioned & technically assisted more the 25 Hot Rolling Mills worldwide & we are achieving the new milestone every year. we have a dedicated team of engineers having vast experience in designing & management of hot rolling mills. with our experience & advance knowledge in long steel product mills, we are able to provide the solutions for plant engineering as per customer's need & requirements. we are constantly focusing on the research & development of the steel making process .

Teksmithe Steel Solutions Caters Creative Assistance in details with such specific areas as:

Engineering Designing For:

  • Plant & Process Layout Covering All Infrastructure Details
  • Equipment Design & Manufacturing
  • Utility Design.
  • Re-Heating Furnace (Pusher Type / Walking Beam / Walking Hearth).
  • Process Automation & Design.
  • Electrical System Design.
  • Roll Pass Design.
  • Slit Rolling.
  • Housing Less Rolling Mill Stands.
  • Hot Shears & Cold Shears.
  • TMT & Section Processing.

Steel Plant Project Management:

  • Cost Estimation & Control
  • Planning & Scheduling.
  • Procurement & Controls.
  • Supervision during erection & construction.
  • Supervision for Commissioning.
  • Assistance during Operation.
  • Technical Services After sales.