Automation & Drives

Fine-tuned rolling mill control solutions to improve process stability, minimize downtime and maintain a consistently high quality product.

The Teksmithe automation team has a unique combination of long product process knowledge and electrical system knowledge to ensure our technology solutions increase mill productivity, provide consistent production and premium product quality. Our high customer retention rate is our best indication of superior technology performance.

Why choose a single brand when you can benefit from the latest technologies offered by the top brands in control and automation?
Depending on your current equipment configuration and preferences we propose the best combination of equipment to upgrade your rolling mill.

  • Deep knowledge of the most widely used OEM automation platform
  • Flexibility to work simultaneously with different brands
  • Standard Hardware
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Same Know-how applied to all platforms
  • Open Standard Programming

We use standard, non-proprietary hardware in all our system designs to ensure multi-sourced, long-term service, and enhancement capabilities, which protect your investment.

Rolling mill drives & automation

Multi-Phase Revamping

We understand how difficult it is to obtain the financial resources for a whole rolling mill revamping. Multi-phase revamping shifts your CAPEX to OPEX, helping you maintain a lean balance sheet. We propose the best approach for your specific scenario, reusing your existing control equipment to optimize project expenditures.

Our Control An Industry Reference

Our system makes sure our customers roll their products with ease, taking advantage of today's latest advancements in rolling process technology. Decades of experience an dozens of mills working with our control is the best of the guarantees that we can offer.
Long product rolling automation is a challenge due to its high speeds and different parametrization to produce a wide range of steel grades, shapes and dimensions. As a result our engineers have developed and algorithms that minimize manual operator inputs to ensure reliable rolling.

Cascade Control

Cascade Control uses the reduction concept (R-Factor) to calculate the mill cascade speed reference. This parameter, directly related to rolling fundamentals, simplifies the setup and operator control. During production the loop and tension control automatically adjust the R- Factor, ensuring minimum material stress between the stands. No matter if you have one strand or two we have the solution for controlling your mill.

Impact Speed Drop Compensation

The system speeds up the stand during the head threading, reducing the speed drop when the material impacts the rolls. Once the bar is inside the stand, the control changes back to the mill cascade speed reference.

Tension / Loop Control

Tension and loop control reduces the material stress along the mill,to diminish dimensional and metallurgical defects. Teksmithehas developed and improved this control module over the years, ensuring the right response in all situations.

Shear Cut Control

The performance and accuracy of the shears in a mill is critical to increase the yield and avoid problems when the bar enters the stand. Over the years,Teksmithehas implemented our control configurations on a gamut of different platforms. Today our shear control is a reference in the steel industry.

Automatic Cobble Detection

Our automatic cobble detection is designed to help operators react faster to unexpected events and continuously track the bar. If a cobble occurs, the system automatically reacts to minimize the effects; commanding the upstream shears to chop the existing bars block the furnace from sending another billet.

Laying Head Control

Correct positioning of the laying head synchronized with the bar front end ensures that it always leaves at the correct position and eliminate snagging in the cooling conveyor.